Elections Board Mission and Purpose

The Elections Board of the Student Government Association is responsible for providing the leadership, oversight, and coordination of elections under the direction of the Student Government Association. Elections under the direction of the SGA include the Presidential/Vice Presidential elections, Homecoming Elections, and elections for student senate. By far, the greatest effort of the board is in relation to the presidential and vice-presidential elections. The board's responsibilities include but not limited to:

  • Interpretation and enforcement of election by-laws and procedures
  • Planning and coordination of the election process
  • Implementation of election voting
  • Planning and implementation of election debates
  • Monitoring and supervision of the campaign process by candidates
  • Budgetary supervision and compliance by candidates
  • Serving as a resource for candidates and their campaigns
  • Creating an awareness of and marketing the elections process to the student body
  • Maintaining records related to the elections process
  • Educating the candidate and their staff regarding campaign and election rules
  • Reporting to the SGA Senate as requested or required
  • Meet with the advisor to the SGA
  • Participate in scheduled training and orientation related to the elections process

In the broadest sense, the elctions board is responsible for the planning, coordination, and implementation of a successful elections process which seeks to create an awareness in the student body of the eligibility for office; an understanding among the candidates and their staff of the campaign and election process; an awareness among students of campaign issues and candidates; and encourages students to participate in the election process by voting. It is not the role of the board to exercise and unduly or disruptive level of involvement in the campaign process of the candidates, or to engage in excessive or inappropriate efforts at policing or monitoring behaviors. Prior planning and effective orientation or training as the key tools of the board in implementing a successful elections. The board should see its role as a facilitator, educator, and motivator rather than primarily an enforcer, monitor, or policeman. That is not to say that enforcement and monitoring of elections is not an important role, but members of the board should never agree to serve because they believe that to be their primary role. The board is composed of students and a chair approved by the SGA Student Senate. The senate has expressed the confidence and trust in these members to successfully administer the elections process. The board must constantly honor and protect the trust that has baeen placed in them. Members must commit the time and work ethic necessary to be successful. Members must constantly work to insure a fair and honest election. Members must adhere to the highest level of fairness, impartiality, and objectivity. Members must be willing to hold each other and candidates accountable for the behavior. Members must recognize the importance of building a high level of awareness and enthusiasm in the student body which will manifest itself in a high voter turnout. Members must understand that they are ultimately responsible to the SGA Senate and the student body for a successful elections process.

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