2006-2007 Legislation

SB 040-001-Resolution of Support: Promotion of Dino DiBernardi - Passed

SB 040-002-Resolution of Support: Chemistry Department - Passed

SB 040-003-Enabling Act: 2007-2008 Election Dates - Passed

SB 040-004-Resolution of Support: Alpha Phi Alpha celebration of 100 years - Passed

SB 040-005-Resolution of Policy: Sweatshop - Withdrawn

SB 040-006-Resolution of Support: Congratulate the ASU Football Team for its back-to-back National Championship. - Passed

SB 040-007-Resolution of Support: Pilot Program extending library hours. - Passed

SB 040-008-Resolution of Support: International Appalachian (INTAPP) in winning "Best in Region" at the NAFSA Conference. - Withdrawn

SB 040-009-Enabling Act: Referendum for Renewal of Funding for the Renewable Energy Initiative. - Passed

SB 040-010-Resolution of Policy: Percentage of ticket sales to go to Parking and Traffic - Withdrawn

SB 040-011-Resolution of Policy: Percentage of ticket sales to go to Parking and Traffic (Resubmitted) - Passed

SB 040-012-Resolution of Support: REI - Failed

SB 040-013-Resolution of Policy: USAS - Passed

SB 040-014-Resolution of Support: AppalCart Lighting - Passed

SB 040-015-Resolution of Support: INTAPP - Passed

SB 040-016-Resolution of Support: Current Plans for the new College of Education Building - Passed

SB 040-017-Resolution of Policy: Clear and Concise policy as to Proper Procedure of Reporting - Passed

SB 040-018-Resolution of Policy: Library Hours Permanently Extended - Passed

SB 040-019-Resolution of Policy: Require Professors to post an online description of the course before the semester begins. - Withdrawn

SB 040-020-Resolution of Support: Sustainable and Environmentally Conscious Initiatives on our University - Passed

SB 040-021-Resolution of Policy: To Mandate an E and T Fee Audit in the Fall and Spring Semesters - Passed

SB 040-022-Resolution of Support: Appointment of a Physical Extender to reestablish the After Hour Women's Health Clinic. - Passed

SB 040-023-Resolution of Support: Keeping the Parking Deck, Greenwood, and Raley parking lots open for tailgating to the general public - Withdrawn

SB 040-024-Resolution of Support: Creation of Greek Plots - Passed

SB 040-025-Bylaw: Update and Make Current the Rules Committee Bylaws. - Passed

SB 040-026-Resolution of Support: A Change of US Farm Bill Policy Within Congress - Passed

SB 040-027-Resolution of Support: Overseas Housing Location - Passed

SB 040-028-Resolution of Policy: Private Restrooms - Passed

SB 040-029-By-Laws: Revise and Update Rules the Govern Elections. - Withdrawn

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