SB 020-001-Resolution of Policy: Standardized Course Syllabus

SB 020-002-Resolution of Policy: Syllabi Prior Pre-registration

SB 020-003-Resolution of Policy: Pass/Fail Grading System

SB 020-004-Resolution of Policy: Attendance

SB 020-005-Enabling Act: Homecoming Elections

SB 020-006-Resolution of Policy: Library Hours

SB 020-007-Resolution of Policy: Divestment in South Africa

SB 020-009-Resolution of Policy: Courtesy Phone Situation in Belk Library

SB 020-010-Resolution of Support: Academic Integrity

SB 020-011-Resolution of Support: Campus Lighting

SB 020-012-Resolution of Policy: Facility Restoration

SB 020-013-Resolution of Policy: Cafeteria Tray Problem

SB 020-014-Enabling Act: President/Vice President Elections

SB 020-015-Resolution of Policy: Fees

SB 020-016-Resolution of Support: Recognition of Student Body President on Town Council

SB 020-018-Resolution of Support: Class Cancellations

SB 020-019-Resolution of Support: Transportation of Handicapped Students

SB 020-020-Resolution of Policy: Typewriters in Library

SB 020-021-Resolution of Policy: Registration

SB 020-022-Resolution of Policy: Locking of Classroom Doors by the Professors when Class Begins

SB 020-023-Resolution of Policy: Practice Rooms in Broyhill Music Center

SB 020-024-Resolution of Support: Building West Side Campus Food Service

SB 020-025-Resolution of Policy: Proper use of SGA Advertising

SB 020-026:Constitutional Amendment: Election of the Chief Justice of the University Student Court

SB 020-027-Constitutional Amendment: Election of the Justices of the University Student Court

SB 020-028-Enabling Act: Referendum Concerning Constitutional Amendments

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