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History of ASU SGA

Student Government at Appalachian dates back to 1939. In 1939, Appalachian established a Student Council which comprised the Student Body President, five senior class officers, four junior class officers, two sophomore class officers and two freshman class officers. The Student Council was divided into the Women's House Council and the Men's House Council, and each had a President and Vice President of each dorm and hall monitors. Student Government at Appalachian as we know it today officially began in 1967 when a new constitution was written and passed by the Student Body. The new Constitution specified the election of a Student Body President, Vice President, and Senators. While tweaks have been made to the Constitution over the years, most of the same basic principles have withstood the test of time and are still in use today.

The catalyst of Student Government is the Student Senate. Made of students in all classes from various colleges across the university, residence halls, and off-campus students, the Senate is charged with representing each and every Appalachian student in Student Government. General Senate elections are held in the spring and freshman Senate elections are held in the following fall. If seats are still open after elections, students may petition into the Senate by gaining one hundred signatures from students across campus. Any questions, comments, or concerns regarding SGA can be directed to the Student Government office, on the second floor of Plemmons Student Union.

Student Body Presidents and Vice Presidents


Student Body President

Student Body Vice President

2021-2022 Bailey Gardin DJ Evans
2020-2021 Michael Davis Cameron Hunter
2019-2020 DeJon Milbourne Michael Davis
2018-2019 DeJon Milbourne Brigitte C. Kelly
2017-2018 Anderson Clayton Alan Lee
2016-2017 Jalyn A. Howard Kendrick K. Dawson
2015-2016 Carson Rich Aby Hamrick
2014-2015 Carson Rich Daniel Tassitino
2013-2014 G. Dylan Russell Michael J. Page
2012-2013 Jake Cox Eric Barnes
2011-2012 Lauren Estees Mattie Hardin
2010-2011 Peter A. Rowe Nate Cook
2009-2010 Jonathan Meisner Michele Armstrong
2008-2009 David Mofford Kendra Johnson
2007-2008 Forrest Gilliam William Windley
2006-2007 Forrest Gilliam Whitney Baker
2005-2006 Jud Watkins Chris Pereira
2004-2005 Miriam Makhyoun Nick Albu
2003-2004 Rachel Johnson Lauren Linville
2002-2003 Ryan Eller Ezell Williams
2001-2002 Alexander Harrington Amanda Privette
2000-2001 Ryan Bolick Preston Powell
1999-2000 Sam Searcy Kiley Costner
1998-1999 Ehren Meister Christy Barrick
1997-1998 Fernando Little Phillip Jacob Parker
1996-1997 Kaye Cranford Todd Poole
1995-1996 Darby Weaver Robyn Martin
1994-1995 J.D. Adams Jane McIntyre
1993-1994 J.D. Adams Edith Featherston
1992-1993 Daniel Gurley Douglas Duncan
1991-1992 Daryl Ghent Reginald Murphy
1990-1991 Michael Scales Daryl Ghent
1989-1990 Brad Edwards Patrick Wooten
1988-1989 Gary Greene Frank Callis
1987-1988 Cary Wolf Adelaide Beeker
1986-1987 Todd Campbell William Cannell
1985-1986 Todd Campbell Seth Lawless
1984-1985 Lisa Stickland Bryon Olson
1983-1984 Ken Talley Eddit Hill
1982-1983 Mike Hussey Mark Baker
1981-1982 Steve Duncan Randy White
1980-1981 Ken Talley Eddie Hill
1979-1980 Gray Marion Greg Galloway
1978-1979 Charles Powell Steve Kostsyzki
1977-1978 Hugh McCullen Pat Florence
1976-1977 Mike Broome Susan McGee
1975-1976 Mike Broome Dan Berger
1974-1975 Robert Leak Art Cameron
1973-1974 Malcom Carroll Jeff Morgan
1972-1973 Doug Moore Doug Mabe
1971-1972 Fred Barden Steven Metcalf
1970-1971 Ava Creech Robin Vann
1969-1970 Jack Stone Hugh Barnes
1968-1969 Eddie Schoolfield Tommy Moscott
1967-1968 Don Patrick Steve Camp
1966-1967 David Shellman Richard Miller
1965-1966 Clay Orsborne Gary Poe
1964-1965 Tom Turner Austin Adams
1963-1964 Chet Hill Jim Thoruhill
1962-1963 Paul Lentz Earl Hallman
1961-1962 Bill Mauldin Bob Williams
1960-1961 Ronald Champion Donald Dorton
1959-1960 Lynn Mize Tommy Day