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SGA Presidential and Vice Presidential Runoff Election

Click here to watch President / Vice-president debate

Michael Davis and Cameron Hunter campaign


Presidential Candidate: Michael Davis (He/Him/His)
Vice Presidential Candidate: Cameron Hunter (They/Them/Theirs)

Cam and Michael have 6 years of combined SGA experience.

Cameron serves as your Director of Student Affairs, and Michael currently serves as your Student Body Vice President.

Their campaign is focused on restoring SGA’s credibility, furthering existing relationships with students and administration, and continuing to create, not just talk about, tangible differences in the lives of ASU students. Cam has created a water bottle drive that served thousands during Hurricane Florence, and Michael helped create a meal sharing program for food insecure students.

If you want results and people with a record of getting things done, vote Davis.Hunter!

No picture available at this time due to social distancing.

Presidential Candidate: Caleb Hudson (He/Him/His)
Vice Presidential Candidate: Michael Maldanado-Melgar (He/Him/His)

This organization requires attention at a fundamental level. We portray that via our 5 PILLARS.

In order to create a harmonious work environment, we must focus on COOPERATION for the sake of rebuilding the relationships that have been severed.We must focus on APPROACHABILITY so that people from all walks of life feel comfortable coming to us with their issues. We must focus on PROFESSIONALISM to ensure that we maintain our credibility. The only way we can achieve these goals is by continually developing and exhibiting EFFICIENCY. We believe this will give students across our campus the MOTIVATION to actively participate in activities that could heavily impact their day-to-day life at Appalachian.

The run off election voting is active from April 16, 8:00 am until April 20 at 8:00 am.  Go here to vote!