What is Student Government?

The Student Government Association is comprised of undergraduate students that serve the student body. Constitutionally, we are the student's voice and enact change on campus through legislation, advocacy, awareness, and representation on the Board of Trustees. We are a governing body that exists to constantly improve the University by including student input on ALL changes and issues that impact the lives of students.

How can you get involved?

Come by our office! We would love to hear your ideas and speak to you directly - Tell us how we can serve you!

You can petition to serve on the Student Senate if there are unfilled seats. If you are interested, you can come by the office and pick up a petition form or email degraffenreidja@appstate.edu.



See what Legislation the 53rd Session is working on with our Legislative Directory!


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WE, the Students of Appalachian State University, affirm the intrinsic right of all students to fair and equal representation through student government. Thus, the chief purposes of the Student Government Association of Appalachian State University shall be to communicate the concerns of students to the university administration and to promote the general welfare of the student body. Additionally, the Student Government Association shall ensure and protect the rights of students and student organizations to openly voice their opinions, shall furthermore ensure the integrity of the Student Bill of Rights, herein cited in this constitution. To these ends, we the students do hereby ordain and establish this constitution of the Student Government Association of Appalachian State University.

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Share Your Thoughts with SGA



Is there something you want to see changed? Do you have feedback that you want to be certain is heard by the right people?

Follow this QR Code to share your thoughts with SGA and we will be sure to get back to each and every response individually and personally. Appalachian Student Government Association exists to amplify student voice and implement student wanted initiatives, so tell us what you want to see differently or see happen! 

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