The App State Student Government Organization has a decades long history. In our archives, we keep the documentation of each session and their attempts to advocate for the student body. In 2023, the SGA began operation under a new constitution, and the legislation passed under it is accessible here.


In the past, bills were legislation used primarily to pass policy specific initiatives. Today, bills are used for both internal procedures like confirmations as well as statements from the SGA and policy decisions.

Judicial Precedent

Under the previous Constitution, judicial precedent was set by the Rules Committee and their interpretation of what was constitutional. In the 57th session, the Constitution was rewritten, and the Rules Committee was dissolved. The current SGA does not operate with a judicial branch and the precedents do not apply to the current Constitution.


Minutes are taken at every Assembly meeting by the Clerk of the Assembly and are made public once the Assembly approves the minutes the following week.The approval process ensures that all members are in agreement with the record of the previous meeting. This process should take a minimum of one week.


In the current operation of the SGA, resolutions have been combined with bills to create a single legislation type in order to streamline the legislative process. In the past they were used for internal procedural purposes and public statements from the SGA.