The Officers of the Leadership Team shall consist of: Student Body President, Student Body Vice President, Chief of Staff, Treasurer, Assembly Speaker, Deputy Assembly Speaker, Assembly Clerk, Director of Communications, Association of Student Governments Liaison, and Committee Directors. The App State SGA will also have Directors for the Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee, Sustainable Development Committee, Academic Affairs Committee, and Campus Resources Committee.

The Student Body President, Student Body Vice President and Student Representatives are elected by the student body. The Chief of Staff, Treasurer, Committee Directors, Communications Director, and ASG Liaison are appointed by the Student Body President and confirmed by the Assembly. The Speaker of the Assembly, Deputy Speaker of the Assembly, and Clerk of the Assembly will all be elected separately by the members of the Assembly.

2024 – 2025 Officers

2023 – 2024 Assembly

1st-Year Representatives

2nd-Year Representatives

3rd-Year Representatives

4th-Year Representatives

At-Large Representatives

College of Arts and Sciences Representatives

Walker College of Business Representatives

University College Representatives

Hayes School of Music Representatives

Honors College Representatives

Officer Duties

The duties of members of the Leadership Team, as defined in the constitution, are as follows:

  • The Student Body President will serve as the head of the App State SGA and lead meetings of the Leadership Team. The Student Body President shall have the ability to sign and veto bills from the Assembly.
  • The Student Body Vice President will be responsible for maintaining the App State SGA’s relationships with the Town of Boone and Campus Clubs and Organizations.
  • The Chief of Staff will assist the Student Body President and Vice President in their duties.
  • The Treasurer will be responsible for presenting a budget to the Assembly, keeping an updated account of the App State SGA’s finances, and approving budget requests.
  • The Assembly Speaker will oversee weekly Assembly meetings as Chair.
  • The Deputy Assembly Speaker will assist the Assembly Speaker and serve as the Chair of the Assembly if the Assembly Speaker is not in attendance.
  • The Assembly Clerk will keep the meeting minutes and record attendance.
  • The Directors of the standing committees will oversee weekly meetings for their committees. As well as serve as policy advisors to the Student Body President and Vice President.
  • The Communications Director will be responsible for maintaining the App State SGA’s social media and media relations.

The Leadership Team will be required to hold and attend weekly meetings.